About Us

Founded in 2017 by a group of concerned journalists, it is the mission of Raw Street Journal to provide unbiased news coverage of the latest global and local events from our citizen journalists spread across the US and the globe.

Whether we appreciate it or not, almost all media coverage and news reporting will contain inherent biases. By providing an alternative voice to the mainstream and at often times liberal-leaning media, it is the intention of Raw Street Journal to shine light on the unseen, give thought to the forgotten and provide a voice to the unheard.

Our reporters have unparalleled access to sources both within and outside the government and whilst every effort is taken to ensure the veracity of the content of our reporting, mistakes in the 24/7 news cycle are inevitable. Where the accuracy of our reporting has fallen short of the high standards which you hold us to and the even higher standards which we hold ourselves to, we will publish retractions and corrections in all our media outlets. Due to the nature of the information we receive from our sources from time to time, source details will understandably not be made public and this will necessarily open Raw Street Journal to criticism and accusations disparaging to the integrity of our reporting. We accept this as being part and parcel of the exercise of our First Amendment rights under the United States Constitution and continue to persevere in our mission.

Raw Street Journal exists because of the highly participative fervor of our contributors, sources and you, our audience. If you spot any factual inaccuracies in any of our reporting or if you are in receipt of information which the public interest would be served in reporting, we encourage you to contact us at info@rawstreetjournal.com

Trust, but verify

– Ronald Reagan